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Our Services

SC provides research and engineering services for innovative concepts in sensor simulation, signal processing, and target detection and discrimination with a primary focus on signal simulation and adaptive processing for military radar systems. With 10 engineers (6 PhD’s, over 300 years of military radar experience), our integrated approach that includes development of analytical algorithms verified and validated through high-fidelity simulation, and multi-channel sensor measurement programs make us uniquely qualified to support government and industrial developers of future systems and system upgrades.


Systems Analysis
  • Interference Modeling
  • Clutter
  • Chaff
  • Jamming

High-Fidelity Sensor Simulation
  • Airborne surveillance radar
  • Linear arrays
  • Planar arrays
  • Conformal arrays
  • Bistatic radar
  • Space-based radar
  • Impact of array distortions
  • Distributed aperture radar