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About Us

Stiefvater Consultants (SC) is a privately held company, established in1994 with headquarters in Marcy, NY and a satellite office in Rome NY.

Our primary focus is on signal simulation and adaptive processing for Department of Defense radar systems; but transition to other military sensors and commercial applications is an important secondary consideration.

SC provides research and engineering services for innovative concepts in sensor simulation, signal processing, and target detection and discrimination with a primary focus on signal simulation and adaptive processing for military radar systems.  With 10 engineers (6 PhD’s, over 300 years of military radar experience), our integrated approach that includes development of analytical algorithms verified and validated through high-fidelity simulation, and multi-channel sensor measurement programs make us uniquely qualified to support government and industrial developers of future systems and system upgrades.
Electromagnetic Modeling of Antennas on Airborne and Space-Based Platforms

Our Core Advantage

Interference rejection for radar systems requires an understanding of real world effects--not just theoretical analysis.  Stiefvater Consultants understands these real world effects and has developed algorithmic approaches to address them.  Interference in actual radar systems is not homogeneous and this must be accounted for.  Also radar antennas do not consist of ideal point sources, thus mutual coupling and near-field scattering effects must be addressed.  Conformal arrays introduce new non-ideal effects that we have been able to include in our analysis.

Our integrated electromagnetic modeling/adaptive processing approach addresses all these real world problems.  Our approach of considering all of the pertinent issues makes us unique and gives us an advantage in transitioning these algorithms to system development.  The real world is more complex than computer simulation or even the laboratory.